Agreements are binding

Written by Luwaran Editorial Desk.

No matter what happens the MILF will abide by and stick to agreements signed with government – and we will consistently invoke them. This is not only to protect and preserve the gains of the peace process but also to ensure that we are standing on solid moral grounds. By this, we will surely not regret later. As one high MILF leader once said: “It is better to secure a centavo already in the pocket than to hunt for a peso still in the wilderness.”

LGUs: frontline defense vs. Maute-IS

Written by Macabangkit B. Lanto.

A skirmish between the Maute-IS forces and government troops weeks ago spoke volumes about the war against the extremists. The report was run in the inside pages of newspapers but its significance was not lost on the discerning public engrossed in the action-packed “Probinsyano”-like telenovela ongoing in Marawi.

Thinking about transitional justice

Written by Ma. Lourdes Veneracion-Rallonza.

In 2004, the United Nations Secretary General’s Report on the Rule of Law and Transitional Justice in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies described transitional justice as the “full range of processes and mechanisms associated with a society’s attempt to come to terms with a legacy of large-scale abuses committed in the past, in order to achieve accountability, serve justice, and achieve reconciliation.” Initially conceived in the context of transitions from authoritarian regimes to democracy, the relevance of transitional justice eventually evolved to include transitions from armed conflict to post-conflict contexts and as such, it has become integral to peace processes.

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