A new momentum for peace

Written by NOTES FROM THE EU DELEGATION By Franz Jessen.

I believe that Secretary Dureza, the dynamic Presidential Adviser on the Peace processes, and his colleagues had hoped to find clement weather when they arrived in Rome to attend the Third Round of talks between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the National Democratic Front (NDF) at the end of January. But they surely must have been disappointed: the Eternal City was experiencing an unusual cold spell which probably made him miss the nice warm beaches of Mindanao where he comes from.

Pro PolitiCS for Peace 2016 Highlights

Written by Hazelyn Gaudiano, Pro PolitiCS for Peace.

This is the year-end-special presentation of Pro PolitiCS for Peace for the year 2016, which recounts the one full year series of major activities, events, and undertakings of the project. This comprises the highlights of all engagements that were organized and facilitated around the much- talked-about and compelling topics such as: peace, Bangsamoro, ARMM politics, autonomy, federalism, and the Mindanao peace process.

FEDERAL TALK: Preconditions, Process, and Timeframe towards the Future Republic of the Philippines

Written by Lito Monico C. Lorenzana.

Federalism is a subject matter that has occupied its Philippine advocates over the last three or four decades but has only gained traction through the candidate Duterte. A lot of us are somewhat familiar with the concept, but allow me to examine Federalism thru the prism of the people of the South – particularly people from Mindanao – where the concept is much more understood.


Written by Former Governor Abdusakur Tan, DHum.

"Federalism is novel to the Philippines and it is understandable if it may appear frightening to some, changes usually are. Let us leave this matter to the wisdom of the national leadership but let us not be curtailed nor hampered iin presenting ground opinions for consideration and due study"

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