Marawi crisis’ spill over

Written by Luwaran Editorial Desk.

Whether or not the recent sighting of 100 or so suspected Maute militants in Buldon, Maguindanao is true or not, the fact remains that as long as frustrations of the people especially of the youths over the lack of genuine or fast efforts of government to address their long list of Moro legitimate grievances against the government, more and more violence in Mindanao will continue to besiege us all. Even if every armed Moro group would side with government in its so-called war on terror, the threats of war and/or terrorism will stay. This is because these enemies of the government feast on the legitimate grievances of the people – and they are exploiting these effectively.

Dangers beyond Marawi

Written by Mario Antonio G. Lopez.

The S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) of Nanyang Technological University of Singapore publishes the research findings of their fellows on various topics of regional and global import. The publications also come as briefs to which that I fortunately subscribe. I sometimes post these briefs on my Facebook page.

KISSA AND DAWAT: Why mobilize the Ulama?

Written by NOOR SAADA.

In a news clip coming out of the Marawi Siege, a group of people was able to touch base with the Maute group. In an ongoing siege, one way to end it is to establish communication between opposing groups to explore options for conclusion. What power or influence this does this group of people carry, inspite of an active war going on, the opposing sides talked? Why did the military allow them to proceed to the enemy side? Why did the Maute Group meet them?

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