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Bangsamoro is about social justice

Created on 29 September 2015. Posted in Blog

... majority of this country. The peasants, urban poor, non-moro indigenous peoples, municipal fishermen and our Moro brothers and sisters, who constitute the poorest of the poor in our country had no hand ...

Feast of the Sacrifice

Created on 25 September 2015. Posted in Blog

... Let me mention two: First, we flesh out the constitutional provision to provide autonomy for the Muslims of Mindanao. Should genuine autonomy succeed, the indigenous peoples of the Cordilleras will most ...

Pressing Peace Legislation

Created on 23 September 2015. Posted in Blog

... and protection for civil, political, economic, social and cultural human rights of all the inhabitants including the indigenous people, women, children and youth in the Bangsamoro territory and support ...

"Tri-PUSO Walk 2015" in South Upi, Maguindanao on Sept. 21

Created on 15 September 2015. Posted in News

... this is first time in south Upi. Muslims Christians and Indigenous Peoples coming together with one common desire… Peace and Unity," he said. The walk for peace coincides with the Internationa ...

With Trust and Faith, Peace is possible

Created on 14 September 2015. Posted in Blog

... problem. There are many other armed groups and different stakeholders such as the migrants who have settled here, and the non-Moro indigenous peoples. Many see the complexity as reason to doubt the process, ...

Teduray peace advocate is N-Peace awardee

Created on 10 September 2015. Posted in News

 A Teduray woman advocating non-violence and Indigenous Peoples’ rights is among this year’s winners of the N-Peace Awards. DAVAO CITY— A Teduray woman advocating non-violence ...

Why is autonomy tied to peace talks?

Created on 24 August 2015. Posted in Blog

... Code, which gives more power to the municipalities and provinces and cities, all of which are run by Cordillerans. You have the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act which is meant to provide the ‘ili’ ...

Marcos submits overhauled Bangsamoro bill

Created on 11 August 2015. Posted in News

...  The BTA will serve as the interim government once the BBL is ratified in Congress and through a plebiscite. In the original version, the MILF will lead the body, with non-Moro indigenous peoples, women ...

PEACETALK: Striving for a Just Peace, the Moral Road

Created on 16 July 2015. Posted in Blog

...  (1) Christianity and Islam are religions of peace; (2) The vast majority of Muslim, Christian, and Indigenous People communities in Mindanao aspire for peace; and (3) All-out war is not the answer ...

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