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Congress warned on dangers of con-ass, federalism

Created on 19 November 2016. Posted in News

... of new territorial and political subdivisions may entail additional costs, and that federalism may result in increased “judicialization of politics” with the courts having increased political ...

Global forum seen to boost Mindanao peace process

Created on 14 September 2016. Posted in News

...  Ireland, Scotland, Indonesia, Australia, Finland, Spain, India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Bacani said local speakers shall also talk about governance and politics in the country’s Cordillera Regio ...

Dynasties way for women to enter politics, says poll exec

Created on 14 September 2016. Posted in News

WHILE the proposal to ban political dynasties may be good, an election official has seen something positive about clans in politics. Election Commissioner Rowena Guanzon suggested that one of the easiest ...

Asymmetric Federalism: Managing Diversity and Internal Conflict

Created on 05 September 2016. Posted in Blog

...  a window of opportunity for a revitalized Philippine Left to see in federalism the same opportunities that communists in West Bengal saw 30 years ago when they took control of local politics. A mor ...

Maguindanao execs see peaceful days ahead for Moro people

Created on 27 July 2016. Posted in News

... of governance and politics in Moro towns. “Moro communities have a distinct kind of politics, one so connected with traditional norms and religious practices. We are thankful to have a national ...


Created on 07 June 2016. Posted in Blog

... in sub-national governance. An effective countermeasure against this pattern of patronage in local politics is to integrate a sense of community in government at the state level. The structure itself ...

COMMENTARY: On federalism and local development

Created on 02 June 2016. Posted in Blog

... also arrived at a legal and democratic way to firmly entrenched their families in local politics. Sadly, political dynasties have made local governance a family enterprise. Father is governor; mother ...

Global populism wave hits Philippines as Duterte elected

Created on 11 May 2016. Posted in News

The election of Rodrigo Duterte as Philippine president marks the latest victory for populist politics, as voters around the world reward candidates offering simple solutions to complex problems. In ...

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