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Dynasties way for women to enter politics, says poll exec

Created on 14 September 2016. Posted in News

... ways for women to get elected is through political dynasties, after she lamented that only 19 percent of the candidates who ran in the May 2016 national and local elections were women. “The easiest ...

The Philippines, renewing prospects for peace in Mindanao

Created on 08 July 2016. Posted in Blog

... women, minorities, and civil society during the negotiation and implementation of agreements. International partners, in particular Malaysia, Switzerland and the member states of the European Union (EU), ...

The OPAPP Story: Three decades in pursuit of peace

Created on 17 June 2016. Posted in Blog

... to craft a new vocabulary of peace making which includes a peace lens that counts the cost and causes of conflict, and a gender lens to surface the dynamism of the roles of women in conflict: victim, survivor, ...

Bangsamoro history to be integrated in K-12 curriculum

Created on 13 June 2016. Posted in News

... Women, Peace, and Security, launched by the OPAPP and its partners, has already been accredited by the Ateneo de Manila University. Other initiatives of the Aquino administration to promote healing of ...

Federalism: Panacea or problem for regional development?

Created on 06 June 2016. Posted in Blog

... areas. And without the mechanisms of a centralized state to provide needed resources, much-needed infrastructures, health, education, environmental and labor protections, women’s rights and human ...

EU, UNDP launch P63-M Mindanao peace project

Created on 28 April 2016. Posted in News

... a statement. “This initiative would contribute to ensuring participation of all stakeholders especially women and children in local processes, decision making and conflict mitigation for sustainable ...

Canada supports end of use of child soldiers in Mindanao

Created on 20 April 2016. Posted in News

... on’s work in this area, including bringing together essential actors in the peace process to discuss the issue of children and armed conflict. Last year, during International Women’s Month,  ...

Next congress should pursue peace process – Ferrer

Created on 11 April 2016. Posted in News

... chief peace negotiator  hopes that the next president,  vice president, senators  as well as congressmen and congresswomen  see the importance of  passing the BBL  in the ...

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