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Back to the future: Resetting priorities for peace

Created on 17 February 2016. Posted in Blog

... su, for the internment of US citizens of Japanese origin during the second world war). The latest to come under scrutiny is the Japanese apology to comfort women in South Korea. However, it has excl ...

Hope despite the death of the BBL

Created on 11 February 2016. Posted in Blog

... with. What the Moro people are fighting for is their “indigeneity” —being among the first inhabitants of Mindanao, men and women who fought valiantly and thwarted the many attempts of ...

Peace advocates urged to amplify benefits of BBL

Created on 27 January 2016. Posted in News

...  “The BBL is a 17 year process but that is not felt. The legislators are not supermen or women who can read through hundreds of pages and provisions in just one sitting and understand the document ...

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