Community in Maguindanao sees better farming thru MTF supported BDA project

Written by Bangsamoro Development Agency.

One unit of warehouse with solar drier and farm facilities were the sub-projects implemented by the Bangsamoro Development Agency through the Mindanao Trust Fund Reconstruction and Development Project (MTFRDP) in Barangay Midpandacan, General Salipada K. Pendatun (GSKP) in Maguindanao province.

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Said projects were officially received by the community through the Midpandacan Peace and Development Organization, a people’s organization formed under the program on August 19, 2015 at the said barangay.

Accordingly, the turn over ceremony was attended by members of PO, representatives from Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) of Tonggol, Multi-sectoral Committee (MSC), Community and Family Service International (CFSI) and on-the-job-training (OJT) students from Mindanao State University- Maguindanao (MSUM).

During the activity, Mamatanto Abdulatip, multi-sector committee (MSC) stated that through the program, he was able to understand community problem that resulted to the success of the project.

Abdulrasid S. Talib, PO President said, “the implementation of sub-projects in our barangay is a taste of development on us and wise management is the way to sustain our sub-projects”.

“Thus I appreciate the BDA because they entrusted us to be the recipients of these projects through MTFRDP”, President Talib stated.

BDA Cenmin Regional Manager Hashim B. Manticayan expressed gratitude to the PO, the entire community stakeholders of this barangay and all other personalities that contributed to the success of the project.

According to him, “the successful implementation of the sub-projects for the period of three (3) years is a manifestation of effective and transparent management”.

“This is due to your unity, moral and spiritual development which are the most important and the highest form of development”, RM Manticayan added.

MTF is fund facility administered by the World Bank and is supported by various donors such as the European Union (EU), DFAT Australia (then AusAID), DFATD Canada (then Canadian International Development Agency), New Zealand Aid for International Development, Sweden International Development Agency, and United States Aid for International Development (USAID).

CFSI and Mindanao Land Foundation (MinLand) are also partners in the program as trust fund recipients.

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