PLGU Incident report of the Abu Sayyaf attack in Basilan

Written by Governor Jum Akbar of Basilan.

"6 schools suspended classes for 2 days..."; "Affected by water crisis: total population of 33,803".
Incident Date Transpired: June 6, 2015
Incident Details:
June 6, 2015 5:40AM; alleged Abu Sayyaf/Lawless Elements were reported to have placed improvised explosive devices to sabotage the main water line of the Maluso Water District as part of their extortion activities against said agency. CAFGU Security asssigned responded to the scene resulting in a firefight which left CAFGU security 1 KIA (killed in action) Daming Lumayon, 1 WIA (wounded in action) Kila Lumayon.
(two) 2 water (8” and 6”) lines were punctured from the main water source in Upper Mahayahay all the way to Sitio Mabolo Reservoir was damaged/punctured during and after the firefight resulting in the loss of water to 80% of the population of Maluso Municipality (pop. 33,803). 
The remaining 20% draws their water from backyard wells, rivers.
MAWAD received threats (extortion) from LLEs previously. LLEs hacked the main water lines as early as 6/3/2015. After 3 days (6/6/2015), an M-79 grenade launcher was used to sabotage the main water lines, rendering this beyond use. An Emergency POC Mtng was held by Maluso LGU wherein a permanent security detail (detachment) at the main water source was requested. The establishment of a temporary detachment was agreed upon.
The MAWAD Manager called on the CAFGU to patrol the area, as it was observed that water flow was visibly reduced. When CAFGU units reached the area, LLEs were there waiting for them. LLEs also destroyed all water lines. Out of 33,803 pop (2010), 80% are affected. 34 wells dried up. Fire truck was used to haul water but experienced engine trouble 6/7.2015. BFP Isabela City lent fire trucks 6/7/2015 delivering 2,000 cu.m. (1,000 cu.m. in Townsite, 1,000 cu.m. Port Holland).
Internally Displaced Persons from Firefight:
Upper Mahayahay: 55 families (305 dependents); EC Upper Port Holland Brgy Hall
Townsite: 58 families (105 dependents); EC Townsite Brgy Hall
6 schools suspended classes for 2 days (pending security assessment by PNP/AFP):
1. Kamangaan Elem
2. Taberlongan Elem
3. Upper Mahayahay Elem
4. Tubigan Elem
5. Abong-Abong Elem
6. Pali Elem
Affected by water crisis:
Total pop. 33,803
Affected population (as of 6/8/2015)
1. Townsite (4,820)
2. Port Holland 1 (3,171)
3. Port Holland 2 (2,436)
4. Port Holland 3 (3,417)
5. Port Holland 4 (3,355)
6. Port Holland 5 (1,444)
7. North Gaunan (1,089)
8. South Gaunan (1,202)
9. Lower Mahayahay (440)
10. Upper Mahayahay (1,112)
11. Taberlongan (2,046)
12. Tamuk (1,649)
13. Canas (1,101)
TOTAL – 27,282 (80.70% affected)
Actions taken as of 6/8/2015:
• Maluso LGU requested BFP Basilan to haul water to affected areas. Hauling commenced 6/6/2015 but was halted 6/7/2015 due to engine breakdown of old fire truck.
• Crisis Conference requested by Maluso LGU 6/7/2015
Present: Provl Admin, Maluso Mun Admin, Maluso Councilor, LDRRMO-III
• Maluso LGU and PDRRMO requested BFP Isabela City to provide fire truck for hauling, the latter approving one trip for the purpose.
• PDRRMO, thru Phil Red Cross Basilan, requested a water bladder (10,000-L) from Philippine Red Cross Zamboanga 6/7/2015. Scheduled for delivery and installation 6/9/2015. Maluso LGU agreed to foot the bill for freight, other incidental expenses, logistics.
• PDRRMO, together with Phil Red Cross Basilan RCAT Team en route to Maluso for initial onsite assessment 6/8/2015.
• Provincial CMC Meeting 6/8/2015, resolved the ff:
o Main Water Station (10,000-L Red Cross water bladder) to be installed 6/9/2015 in Maluso proper;
o 3 fire trucks (BFP), 1 water tanker (Lamitan City LGU) for daily hauling of water (target delivery of 70,960 liters daily in 343 drums, to be sourced from ISAWAD – potable water; and other sources i.e. Garlayan River, wells – bathing, washing);
o Maluso LGU to mobilize the 13 affected barangays to establish 13 water stations for distribution of potable water to their constituents; Only Brgy Water Teams will be allowed to fetch water from the Main Water Station (10,000-L) to be transferred to their Brgy Water Stations for distribution;
o Recommendation for Maluso LGU to Declare a Calamity as 80% of its population are already affected;
o LAMWAD 6” 50 pcs; ZCWD 8” 50 pcs; ISAWAD 3 water trucks – repair period: 1 week (repair to start only as soon as security in the area is assured – est. 1 week)
o Recommendation for SP to approve purchase and stockpile of food/non-food items for distribution to IDPs
o Estimated crisis duration: 2 weeks
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