Duterte agrees to certify new BBL

Written by DJ Yap, Leila B. Salaverria - @inquirerdotnet.

President Rodrigo Duterte agreed to certify as urgent two proposed laws that could define his future relationship with Moro rebels and his readiness to honor a campaign promise to institute radical tax reforms.

Tawi-Tawi celebrates Agal Agal Festival on September 25

Written by INQUIRER.net BrandRoom PR.

Nowhere is seaweed given so much fanfare than in Tawi-Tawi’s colorful and cacophonous Agal Agal Festival every 25th of September. The entire island province – the most exotic southernmost tip of the country – celebrates in a street dancing called Igal Ma Lan, that features a cultural explosion of costumes, finery, dance and music of the Sama, Sama Dilaut, Jama Mapun and Tausug peoples of southern Philippines.

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